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Loose and Tight : Adidas Stripes

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Djawa × HaNaRi’s 24th photo book.

This work consists of adidas stripes leggings concept with total 201 extremely-high resolution (8640  ×  5760 ) photos.

This photo book will be sent directly by email, not by Gumroad download method. Please do not spam the mail address and write down the correct email address you receive when you purchase.

An email with a Google Drive download link is sent to the buyer approximately three times an hour (Please understand that processing time may be longer if there are many buyers). If you do not receive the email, please check your spam folder or make sure that the email address you are receiving is correct.

To prevent unauthorized copying and redistribution, the buyer's email address is displayed as a watermark on random part of the photo (the watermark is transparent and almost invisible). Additionally, we have applied encrypted hidden digital watermark technology that can be extracted even if the photo file has been altered or damaged. Thank you for your understanding.

The email has been sent from Photographer Djawa to existing buyers with a discount link to this photo book (100 copies only). Please check your email.

Unauthorized reproduction and distribution are strictly prohibited.

Thank you for your purchase.

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Last updated Apr 21, 2024

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Loose and Tight : Adidas Stripes

13 ratings
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